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We specialize in finding innovative cosmetic solutions using the best gifts of nature

"Look deeply, deeply into nature, and then you will understand everything better

Albert Einstein

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The most important thing for Apigen Royal is that you feel good and at ease in your skin, without the need to hide under makeup



As scientists who love and observe nature, we are enthusiasts of solutions from the world around us, so that every day we are passionately looking for new solutions in the field of cosmetology, using the endless gifts of the world around us.

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for the love of healthy skin

Structurally, the skin is a work of art, a socket for capillaries, glands and nerves. It regulates the temperature and protects. It is the link between our senses and the outside world, a barrier where our individuality, our self, ends. And if it is so important, you have to take care of it as best you can.


because the bees are fantastic

After graduating from the University of Life Sciences in Poznań in the field of Biotechnology, we had no doubts that a closer look at nature and drawing from its wonderful and unique gifts would absorb us completely. The first steps in our professional career were directed towards small, inconspicuous and at the same time so ruthlessly connected with the functioning of the entire human species and the entire balance in nature, creatures …. Yes, yes, you may have already guessed that it is about bees! The role they play in our ecosystem cannot be overestimated. For centuries, the amount of products provided by bees has driven scientists from various fields to study their properties even more carefully. We too were “seduced” by the wealth of bees. Honey, pollen, bee bread, lotion or wax have long been known in our homes and widely used in many different ways. We, however, became interested in something that at first seems to be the least friendly product of the entire range of bee resources. We got interested in….


While the burning, itching or tingling in the place where the bee stung us is not a pleasant sensation, the use of bee venom to rejuvenate, moisturize and improve the overall condition of our skin sounds very interesting, doesn’t it? The more we learned about the unusual properties of bee venom and the melittin contained in it, the clearer our minds became about how we would share it in some way. This is how the Apigenroyal brand was created! Our idea of ​​using bee venom in care cosmetics, both in professional salon products and in cosmetics for everyday use at home, met with great recognition. This recognition was expressed by winning the third place in the start-up competition in 2017, during the 3rd edition of the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Enterprise Forum Poland acceleration program. Not only because of the unique method of obtaining venom from bees, and we do it in such a way that not a single bee has ever suffered from it, but also because of the unique properties of melittin – the main active ingredient in bee venom – and its effect on the skin. You can find more information about bee venom and its effects on the skin on our blog. And when you know why it is so important to use bee venom in skin care – also check out here to learn more about how our cosmetics work. We cordially invite you.

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