Unique formula

Bee Venom Cosmetics

Confirmed by tests, increased skin firmness and elasticity as well as effective nourishment and reduction of wrinkles visible after the first treatment.


straight from polish bees

Bee Venom Serum

Recent research proves that bee venom is effective in combating wrinkles and partially their formation.
By using our bee venom serum, you will increase blood microcirculation, accelerate collagen together and inhibit elastin breakdown. As a result, you will reduce wrinkles and make your skin firmer.




Regenerating-moisturizing cream

A professional regenerating and moisturizing cream with calcium hydroxyapatite, vitamin C and a revolutionary ingredient based on a biologically active peptide that mimics the function of Royalactin protein. The high concentration of active ingredients intensively moisturizes the skin and supports its regeneration.



Our cosmetics review:

Apigen Royal formula based on apitoxin, shikimic acid and arginine has clear smoothing and anti-aging properties. The concentrated formula is also very delicate and despite the high acid content, it does not irritate the skin, and does not have any allergenic properties to bee venom. It lightens discoloration and reduces redness and over-reactivity – perfectly evens out the color.

ziemolina - cosmostologist